Wednesday, November 21, 2018


A year of working on Suomaa strip now behind and what has changed? Not much. All and all it's been a good year. Got a grant from Skr and been paid for the strip I've been able to work real concentrated. The issues of Läskimooses this year have been to my liking so far although there were some spots I felt were a bit difficult to write. And now working on issue 45 I really have to start putting things in place. Just decided to cut a huge chunk of the story from issue 46 and save it for the "notes", mostly to give more weight for the main story. The year has been good in publicity too with the documentary and the newspaper story and a really nice piece coming from Kosmoskynä... and the year by year review of Nathan Penlington. These things haven't brought too many subscribers though, but at this stage I don't mind so much. People will pick it up when they're ready.
Basically two more years to finish the big book and then maybe 2 years for the notes. Some editing probably too coming up before the French edition from L'association. It all has hapoened sort of fast and sometimes I don't really know what it all MEANS.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Review by Nathan Penlington