Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Returning to Läskimooses. My publisher is currently scanning the 2 pager I was working on. As hard as ever to continue. Been going through some ideas for later issues and they're plenty. Plentiful. All I need is a chance to work on this monster. There are some pretty nice surprises coming along and then I will tie the bundle together in rather a nifty way.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Teaching more

I've mostly been teaching this week. And it is good. Maybe I should stick to this? Well...
2 days remaining.

Monday, December 12, 2016


This week I'm teaching at Theatre Academy in Helsinki. Teaching has become an important part of my life. More than a means to an end. And I would need an extra class for 2017 in order to make ends meet...but... choices are limited. At the moment I have 3 regular classes: freehand drawing on tuesdays at the open university, comics also at the open university and comics 3 at the day school of Aalto. Comics 3 is actually ending and the group is preparing their final works and new students can apply in May, I think. Anyways that leaves monday thursday and friday free for some class, if one should show up. Ofcourse I could compensate by selling art, but my art hasn't been in high demand.

Saturday, December 10, 2016



While working on the book I get these new separate ideas. Like the pretty funny set of superheroes whom I would place within the world of Läskimooses. And other ideas for several several new series. And three times I've tried to find funding to start new series drawn and written by different people. All stories intervining with each other. And I know this would work. Maybe the time will come. Maybe after Läskimooses I pick one of these ideas and bring it further. First I'll have to reach after Läskimooses.

Reading surviving

The book is missing 3 yrs of work. 3 yrs and then all the editing and adding and all that. I read some issues, some from the beginning, some from the middle. And it's not that bad. It'll be with the corrections the book I'm most happy I did. Eventually. So 3 yrs ahead. Next year (if I should be able to bring the main story to a turning point, 2018 the conclusion of the main story more or less. Then a four issue Kalevala special and then the final four or so issues. Not many things I can cut off and this'll span 1200 pgs minimum. It was supposed to be an experiment and there is a lot of interesting stuff I've encountered. But...three years. And the schedule here depends on the luck I'll have with grants. Already now I'm in a spot where I really should find at least one more class or some other paying job. And ofcourse that's time out of the book. And it drags on. But I see the ending and it really isn't a disappointment. A cool sort of ending that I won't give away.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Corrections and editing

It was the idea when starting that when the series is finished I will edit it and correct mistakes. Now this correction seems to mean correcting the grammar and correcting the parts of the story that don't work for whatever reason. I know of three spots where the text is inadequate and I would like to work on it. Due to the process of working and due to the fact that this thing isn't really bringing in any money - more of the contrary - the natural place to do these corrections is when the book is translated to English and published in three or four volumes. Well for the moment there aren't anyone jumping to the oppurtunity and most likely this won't happen before the book is finished, but in a way I'm all set. There have been disappointments, but plan is to continue even if I can only do four issue next year and the thing drags on. I'll adjust.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

100 portraits or so

I do portraits from photos.
100€ each. Size: 15x15cm. Done with Textmark markers (Light resistant).
These will later(or sooner) be collected to a book. Send three pictures for me to pick from.
Contact: mattihagelberg (at)gmail.com

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Basically ready to give up. At least two yrs remaining of this craziness. Feels more like a mental illness than anything else. On the other hand there are quite nifty stuff coming along. Stuff I'd like to tell. Decisions decisions.