Saturday, October 25, 2014


So, this is a crazy 1000 page (well over thousand at this stage) comic book in making and subscriptions are pretty much the only way we can keep going. Go to and look it up. Comes with a handy translation to english.
The project has now reached it's imaginary midpoint with over 500 pgs of strangeness. The current issues reveal the roots of the finnish people in their former glory. After issue 24 we 'll get back to the mysteries of Fu. Are the Fu-people really extinct? AND after that the true nature of the killer planet will be finally revealed. Is there any way to avoid the cataclysm? And meanwhile: what on earth is that clanking sound? Hey, don't count on this coming out in book format!

You can order via publisher's website or just send email to kreegahbundolo (at)

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