Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How things are

Just delivered issue 22 my publisher although (haha) some things undone in issue 21. Currently the story tells in some detail of the adventures of Ohto Naulo. I'll continue on this track for one more issue, then go to more general info of the fall of the URO-people. Issue 25 will most likely tell of the conspiracy of the elite and list the rock solid evidence of the facts revealed in part 3 of the book. Issue 26 (or 27) will be an intermediate issue and issue after that will take us back to Mars. After this I'll get started with part 4 which will among other things reveal the true story of Agner Mang, the person who tried to save the Fu, and failed. If everything goes as planned the tension will pack up until the darkest secrets of planet Läskimooses are revealed. And that is not yet going to be the end of the book. Some loose ends have to be tied up. For one: why are the 2 men on the ice breaker? And then we are at issue 40 or 42 or 46...

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