Friday, April 24, 2015

Drawing muscular men

After 12 issues or so I began to feel there should be this " adventure comic" episode in the book. A wrestle scene. And so the Suomaa people entered the story. After so many years of using my old style I was a bit rusty at first and you can notice this from issue 21. Now after 2 issues I start to get it again. 22 was already a lot better and 23. Now with 24 I'm really enjoying it. It's quite rewarding.  I use some references at this stage ofcourse, but my smart phone camera has proven the most useful. And I think it's good to use references even for the simplest postures. In most cases I could solve a certain posture just by using my imagination, but it's quite easy to fall for all the same solutions over and over again. Anyways, it's been fun and soon it's ending. Issue 24 should be the last one of this period of realistic drawing. But do not despair true believer! I have a twin issue planned that should dig even deeper to the superhero genre. In ...12(?)...issues.

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