Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I'm set financially until October and maybe longer. Läskimooses is not really bringing in any money, but I got a grant from Taike that'll help me not to worry too much during the summer. And I'll continue teaching.
But what makes me wonder is this: is Läskimooses too long project to be funded on grants? I mean it might start to look like a scam... Or something. And also: while it is not "finished" it won't be getting any reviews. Although it has gotten a couple very nice ones... So the  project that is now over 700 pages is in danger of turning invisible. And taken for granted. And I'm not sure if people realize that the story actually has an ending and it is approaching. Sometimes a bit slowly, but still. And I know the numbers don't look too good. The project  has now been going on for 4 years 4 months, it will continue for 4 more years, the explanations& additions book will take another year AND we have less than 100 readers. Something doesn't add up.
Oh, I know that some are waiting the book to come out and that's ok. Ofcourse. But the thing is that this is not that kind of project. The book, if it'll come out, will be a side product of the process. When it comes out the thing will be over already and the book is the epitaph. Yes well...
Point is I worry a bit. Not too much. But I'm considering whether I should apply a grant for some other project. But it's hard to say. All and all not much is said. Some people seem to like Läskimooses and I have a feeling I'm onto something.  But how is the project seen from the outside? Anyone?

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