Thursday, June 30, 2016


Sorta surprised when I counted the remaining issues (15 or so) and realized that IF I'm able to keep the pace, then the book will be done in 2 years. The book of corrections on the other hand SHOULDN't take more than a year. So all and all 3 years would be the maximum.
And first time I felt this thing has started to turn towards the end when I started issue 32. Less smoke screen, more straight up story telling.
When I started the project in 2012 I had this idea that the thing would have six part and each part answers one question. Part one answered question: what is Läskimooses? The current part was supposed to answer the question: who controls Läskimooses? But new questions have risen so that thing might be answered somewhat later. But, yes, questions. And then: how to survive Läskimooses? Find out!

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