Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Issues of this year are late. First one only just came out. But I'm catching up. Issue 31 is almost rady for the printer and it's totally silly. You might be better of just to skip it and wait til issue 32 comes out. And issue 32 is proceeding. Quite nicely, thanks for asking. 4 pages to do, oh or maybe 5. And the cover. It'll certainly be done before end of August, but won't make it to the Helsinki festival.
Meanwhile: a killer issue of Tappavat Kädet (lethal hands) by Leo Kuikka is just about ready for lay out. This second issue of the series is pretty brilliant. No idea when it's out...during the fall. Yes and before christmas issues 33, 34, 35... Agh, 2 years to finish. Subscribe and support.

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