Monday, October 30, 2017


Yesterday I counted that I have 450 pages left to do. Might be a bit more, but close to that figure. At the moment I don't have any funding for the project. Maybe it has been going on for too long maybe. Hard to give a grant to a thing that just doesn't seem to end? Yeah who knows. Eventually I will be able to finish it, but without funding it'll take twice longer. 450 pages. It either sounds a lot or not that much, depending. Depending of the perspective. It's 2 years maybe bit more so it's less than 6 years, less than 4. And 450 is less than half of the pages I've already than. But it's almost one third of the book. And quite surprisingly structure-wise I've reached a true turning point of the story. Just about where I would place the golden division.

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