Friday, July 20, 2018


For some reason the couple of plans to translate my books in English have proceeded really slow. Basically this is ok for me since I have other things to worry. Still... it's a bit stramge. Truth is I'm not putting any real effort to getting my work translated. With France it always worked fine, things just happened and most of my books have been translated to French.
With English it would be different, though. Being able to read the language would probably lead to serious nitpicking. Translation isn't easy. I pay close attention to how a sentence is uttered in the work. In many cases it's the main thing to me. How something is said instead of what is said.
In Läskimooses there is a feel of obsession in the writing. This is important to translate in the right way. But already in Silvia Regina the sentence was in major role. In that book I was going to a sound of contempt in many places. This was necessary in order to make the heartbreaking honest stuff to sink in.
So far I haven't really been able to test how my writing translates to English. But maybe the things will proceed soon.

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