Saturday, December 10, 2016

Reading surviving

The book is missing 3 yrs of work. 3 yrs and then all the editing and adding and all that. I read some issues, some from the beginning, some from the middle. And it's not that bad. It'll be with the corrections the book I'm most happy I did. Eventually. So 3 yrs ahead. Next year (if I should be able to bring the main story to a turning point, 2018 the conclusion of the main story more or less. Then a four issue Kalevala special and then the final four or so issues. Not many things I can cut off and this'll span 1200 pgs minimum. It was supposed to be an experiment and there is a lot of interesting stuff I've encountered. But...three years. And the schedule here depends on the luck I'll have with grants. Already now I'm in a spot where I really should find at least one more class or some other paying job. And ofcourse that's time out of the book. And it drags on. But I see the ending and it really isn't a disappointment. A cool sort of ending that I won't give away.

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