Friday, December 09, 2016

Corrections and editing

It was the idea when starting that when the series is finished I will edit it and correct mistakes. Now this correction seems to mean correcting the grammar and correcting the parts of the story that don't work for whatever reason. I know of three spots where the text is inadequate and I would like to work on it. Due to the process of working and due to the fact that this thing isn't really bringing in any money - more of the contrary - the natural place to do these corrections is when the book is translated to English and published in three or four volumes. Well for the moment there aren't anyone jumping to the oppurtunity and most likely this won't happen before the book is finished, but in a way I'm all set. There have been disappointments, but plan is to continue even if I can only do four issue next year and the thing drags on. I'll adjust.

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