Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Won't get back to work before 10th so meanwhile I'm doing this:
 -writing all sort of loose sentences and plot summaries
-sketching one new character and her pals
-writing dialogue

In my stories there is seldom any true dialogue, so I find the last one on the list bit of a challenge. What makes it even more of a challenge is none of the characters here are exactly human with human needs and human minds. I really need to fill them with history and philosophy like empty vessels. First of these scenes is coming out in issue 37.

Thinking of dialogue: the guy who interrupts the main story the one I call Keskeyttäjä in Finnish. The story of this guy has silently and secretly grown into much more that I expected. He now has a true background and personal history that'll influence all his ponderings, past and future. The way he's coming out, I find it intriguing.

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