Monday, August 07, 2017


I will return to work on thursday, first working on issue 37 and then on this new Secret Project that I've been mulling over in my head for some time now.
It's the first fall since 1998 that I don't have a comics class in Aalto (in open university I have) and this'll leave me with less money and more time. The Secret Project will however complicate things. If things go good I will be able to continue Läskimooses pretty much like I have so far. Issues 37 to 40 concluded this year and 41 to 46 or 47 the next year. But I don't know for sure. If this plan holds I will be over and done with the main story in 2019 and could start the editing work (whatever that is...mostly finetuning some texts. Maybe some larger changes too in that area)and some little addition and or change in the art. Then I will have been working on the book for 8 years and the planned book of "notes" will push this project to 10 years making it my most time consuming piece but also, with 1500 pages, the longest.
Now this all is ofcourse uncertain and greatly depends on the grants that I will or won't get. However the Secret Project might change it all, we'll see.
Meanwhile: Läskimooses still has only 100 subscribers. Ten times more would guarantee a basic income for me and my publisher. When I started the project I was hoping we'd get the 1000 subscribers by issue 5. This didn't happen. Now that the story is well over 900 pages it has probably become very difficult to approach. I wouldn't know. One thing though, the project is planned to be issued in comic book format and there are many things that will not translate to any collected/edited piece if there ever will be one.

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