Saturday, September 09, 2017

Full steam

Suomaa people strip is going really well at the moment. Scripting and sketching full steam. Wouldn't want to leave the studio at all. 2 first pages almost done (without color) and next 4 just about scripted. Upcoming week I will letter numbers 3 and 4, draw the panels, maybe get started with some panels. If this lucky streak continues I will be able to continue Läskimooses without much trouble. However couple of things are slowing me down: 1. Wallet got stolen and I needed to cancel my credit card and what not 2. My old phone is being repaired so that I could get 3 sets of photos out from it, photos that I need both with the Suomaa strip and with next issue of Läskimooses. Those things causing some extra hassle. Otherwise: happy.

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