Thursday, September 07, 2017

Thinking ahead

What kind of a book is this book I'm working on? Eventually the story will be told (in 15issues) and I can start to fill in some gaps and edit parts of the main story. The filling in is certainly not going to be what it sounds like. More like making the whole thing even more complex. How I see it all in 4 years. The main story edited (bad writing at least in 2 places) maybe collected in 4 books or maybe not. The Notes: stories like the one in ArtReview march 2017 and the strip I'm doing for Kirkko and Kaupunki and some snippets and weirdness (but some of them quite essential additions to the story)collected into one 300 page book...or hopefully 200. Posters, 3 or 4 of them. And that's Läskimooses. More or less. In all its glory.
1500 pages minimum.
The actual Thing
The actual Thing is what is happening now. The comic book coming out the competitions the actual process of making. Although I'm curious to see this thing "finished" it's then, at that moment, not the actual thing itself but like the shadow of the thing on the cliff behind.

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