Monday, April 16, 2018


From 2012 I've had a pretty clear idea of how this book will end. And this has not changed. There are still however spots that I feel haven't been quite worked out. Couple of these moved forward yesterday. And as they moved forward this entirely new turn popped up. Oh!
Now, as you know there are 2 books I'm working on at the time: first is the one titled Läskimooses and the other is the one titled Suomaan kansan muinaisusko. Within the latter I will place stuff and info that for some reason didn't fit the main book. Among these things there should be at least 2 major revelations. One of these the one that came to me yesterday. Both the kind of stuff that'll make you view the main book in somewhat different light.
But this will all be out in 2022 so hang on.

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