Friday, April 06, 2018


Ever so slowly... issue 41 pages lay out and corrections now finished. Cover and backcover still require work. Sent 4 Suomaa strips to the paper, will return to that in may.
Now 42 is well under way. 5 pages done. Start has been difficult, nothing new there. Aim to finish this during April.
The end is getting near and I ponder whether ending is in the nature of this project. And sure enough the ending will be open in many ways. Still there will be answers. Things will be revealed. Already in issues 41 and 42 there will be some unexpected revelations. And total silliness.
In 2020 this will be done. Done with corrections although Suomaa will go on. But the main feature will end.
What has been a surprise during these 6 years is how the project seems to be really hard to grasp. It doesn't fit any given slot. It's not a hardcover book, the narrative is not straight forward. And it seems some people even miss that there is a plot. They only see random images placed together with random text. This I find really hard to understand. Nothing much I can do.

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