Monday, March 02, 2015


I was crazy and overly optimistic when I started this project.  For myself it worked like a charm. I was more than fortunste with grants and artistically I felt I was really moving ahead. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get subscribers as many as I had imagined and this has caused the project to loose money. My grants have made it possible for me to work during these years, but it's not enough for anything else, like the scanning, printing etc. When we started this I figured we'd  eventually get 500-1000 subscribers based on how many copies my books have normally sold (1500-2500). This has not happened. So I'm not too optimistic for the future. For myself I have funding until issue 29, maybe 35 if I manage to put something to the side. And there's always a chance for a new grant. But that doesn't solve the printing costs and all that.  I would like to have things a bit more solid and as far as I see the only way is to get more subscribers. A lot more. And if you want to support this craziness then subscribe Läskimooses today. The few subscribers we have seem to enjoy it for whatever reason.

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