Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rough estimates

Rough estimate is that I've done four pages of issue 24, which would mean more or less 14 pages undone. Another rough estimate is I'll need three weeks to conclude the issue. Well, it'll probably be four in the end.
It's the season for grant applications and I had to go through my schedule with Läskimooses. I'll be very lucky if I manage  to get it all done before 2019. I don't seem to be getting much faster (nor slower for that matter) and the synopsis seems to point closer and closer of issue 50. Well, too early to tell. Still I'm hoping to finish at least the so called TURBO-KALEVALA part before the centennial of the Finnish independence. All this...we'll be wiser in 2016 and wiser still in 2017.

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