Thursday, March 19, 2015


Everytime or most everytime starting an issue is like i never did this before. No exception with this one. There is this certain sketchiness that I'm going for, but it's rather hard to describe. What seems to work is using a reference photo or drawing, sometimes a snapshot of myself. Sometimes using a very generic kind of cartoony approach does the trick. Sometimes doing something quite abstract... The main thing is getting started, getting those first lines and dots on paper.
I did some sketches of king Rurik and I felt that, yes, I've got it, or I almost got it. But seems I didn't. It's not coming out as it should, something in the approach is wrong. It has something to do with representation. Can't quite put it into words. Indtead of drawing a drawing I'm focusing on an...what... Likeness of sorts. Must find the right description.

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