Friday, March 06, 2015


The idea was to fund the book by subscribers, but so far it hasn't really worked out. I'm as dependant on grants as I ever was. And actually what I'd like to do is start an entire line of comic books. This however would require even more funding than I already have. I will try to sell some pieces. Not give away, I'm afraid. There really isn't a market for comics originals here in Finland, at least not a sensible market. People seem to be selling their art quite cheap. When I was doing those "total" scraper board pieces it sometimes took me over a week to finish one page. You can do the math yourself. If I need to pay studio rent, buy supplies, rent, clothes... And maybe put something on the side for old age.  Now I'm in need of fresh ideas. Maybe a comic in some magazine? That would probably put Läskimooses on hold for some time. Or maybe just slow it down...

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